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For centuries the Arabic word “Kafir” (plural: “Kuffar”) meaning "infidels" or "unbelivers" (from the point of view of followers of Muhammad) was a term of ridicule, anger and abuse
for all those who had not yet been forced, fooled or beaten
into submission to Islam.

Preposterously, followers of Muhammad insist that every aspect of Islam is “universally true” (which is clearly not the case). They claim that we Kuffar are people who “cover up that truth” whereas in reality it is they who wish to suppress and hide the generally awful truth about their own ideological cult!

Now each of us is PROUD to be Kafir (a member of Ummat al-Kuffar)...
...we represent the vast majority of mankind who have, and always will,
resist the ideological brainwashing & deceit of the cult of Muhammad.